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InstaMedCare recognized as a Category 1 Certified Urgent Care Center

We are very happy to report that InstaMedCare has been awarded the Certified Urgent Care Center Category 1 designation by the Urgent Care Association of America. Our urgent care center is among a select few around the country that have met all of UCAOA’s nationally-standardized criteria.

Stay healthy, New York!

InstaMedCare Team

Our friendly and highly qualified doctors and nurses are at your service!

At InstaMedCare, we also like to maintain a friendly atmosphere and an upbeat mood around the office.

We love to see you, but we love to see you healthy even more. Preventive care goes a long way, so schedule a checkup and ask us about health tips.

Stay healthy, New York!

BOTOX is now available at InstaMedCare

BOTOX is a leading way to achieve facial rejuvenation - safely, cost-effectively and without surgery. Several small injections smooth out wrinkles, improve skin texture, and restore the contour of your face.

Botox can also be used to reduce excessive sweating by blocking the release of the neurotransmitter, i.e., acetylcholine, from the nerve endings, that causes the glands to produce sweat.

Well-established protocols ensure safety. Non-permanent nature makes any changes inherently reversible such that next application can be fine-tuned for the desired effect that works best for you. At InstaMedCare, BOTOX is safely applied by our licensed and certified MDs. Call us at 718.429.2800 for a FREE consultation or find out more here.

Stay healthy, New York!

Governor Cuomo declares a State Public Health Emergency In Response To Severe Flu Season

New York State Executive Order signed by Governor Cuomo on January 12th declares a State Public Health Emergency in response to the severe influenza season. For more information on this Executive Order, go to:

We urge you to make every effort to ensure that you and your family receive a flu vaccine this year. To access the most recent Health Alert Network update on influenza, including recommendations and information on vaccine availability, go to:

The State Commissioner of Health has authorized a broader use of influenza vaccines than described in PHL § 2112 (2) and (3). For more information on this authorization go to: This will allow you to use multi-dose vials to administer flu vaccine to infants between 6 – 35 months and to pregnant women.

If you have flu vaccine related questions, please contact us at 718.429.2800. You can also contact the office of Jane R. Zucker, MD, MSc, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Immunization, New York City Department of Health - at 347.396.2400.

Stay healthy, New York!

Stay Healthy After Hurricane Sandy

Jackson Heights ("Heights" of course means we're on a high ground) was more fortunate during and after the hurricane than many other NYC neighborhoods. However, water quality affects everyone. New Yorkers normally enjoy stellar quality tap water. But the hurricane broke sewer lines in places, killed some of the animals inhabiting the city, spread the garbage and debris around, caused mold and rot. Collectively this added up to reduced water quality - to which the city had to react by additional chemical water treatment. This means, for a while - several weeks at least - we have to pay extra attention to the water we drink.
  1. Avoid drinking water straight out of the tap if possible, at home or anywhere.
  2. Bottled water is best, but if you only have access to tap water, it is best to boil it.
  3. If you show upset stomach symptoms, see a doctor.
Stay healthy, New York!

Halloween Photos Are Here!

This link will take you to the thumbnail pages. There are a total of 7 pages of thumbnails. To navigate among them, click on numbers in the lower right corner. To open your image, simply click on it. To save it, right-click (on a Mac, ctrl + click) and select the "save as..." option. These images are large enough for most uses. If you'd like to obtain an even larger version, contact us.

Thank you, Sasha Karasev for joining us to do this for our Jackson Heights community!

Stay healthy, New York!

FREE Medical Care To Hurricane Victims

When disaster strikes, you share what you have with those in need. In our case what we have is expert medical care, and that is exactly what we are donating. Today (Saturday November 3rd) starting 8am, our Dr. Osipov will be treating free of charge people needing medical attention at the shelter located in FDR high school (5800 20th Avenue, Brooklyn NY).

Stay healthy, New York!

Happy Halloween in Jackson Heights!

This Halloween, we teamed up with a master photographer Sasha Karasev from Karasev Studio, to give residents of our beloved Jackson Heights who were trick-o-treating the gift of free studio photography. We expected this unusual offer would generate some interest, but we did not expect it would be so much fun! We had a family sized photo booth set up with a smoke machine and everything, and our staff dressed as beautiful nurses were keeping things organized and moving. Here is a sneak peak:

See more on
our Facebook page. The photos will be ready soon - follow InstaMedCare on Twitter to know when!

Stay healthy, New York!

Five Ways To Stay Healthy During The Fall Season

Fall months bring us beautiful turning leaves, but also cold and flu. Here are steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones during the fall season.
  1. Your body's own immune system is your best defense against cold and flu. Take steps to make sure it functions at optimum efficiency, namely: get adequate rest, stay physically active, eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and take multi-vitamins.
  2. New York is a huge city and we love that, but it is hard to avoid exposure. So, wash your hands often and get plenty of fresh air.
  3. We New Yorkers do get to enjoy beautiful sunny days in the fall, but it's not summer anymore. Evenings are colder and it can rain suddenly, so wear sensible footwear and clothing.
  4. Later in the fall, wet leaves on the ground can be very slippery. Watch your step.
  5. Unfortunately a good deal of stress is a part of urban life, and as days grow shorter and weather gloomier, sometimes it can affect our overall well-being and our immune system. Stay active, stay positive, stay in control and your body will thank you.
Stay healthy, New York!