We Treat Most Common Illnesses and Injuries

* Except most severe or life threatening cases

BOTOX procedures

Our licensed MDs safely administer BOTOX for non-surgical facial rejuvenation or to control excessive sweating. By appointment only. FREE CONSULTATION is available. Contact us or find out more.

On-Site Capabilities

Having the right equipment right on-site is vital. It not only facilitates our making an accurate diagnosis for your illness and injury so you can get treatmen, it also saves you the extra step of having to set up another appointment with a separate facility, go there, fill out forms, and pay. It saves everyone time and money, and you get treatment faster.

Digital X-ray

We have a digital X-ray facility right on site, which enables our doctors and you to have the results right away and offer a fast diagnosis and treatment.

State of the art blood test equipment

Blood pressure and blood analysis equipment on site enables us to quickly diagnose and treat a lot of medical conditions quickly and efficiently.